Why does this matter?

As the Ministry of Planning and Development moves toward enhancing the competitiveness of our economy in comprehensive proportions, it is evident that the Town and Country Planning Division (TCPD) must demonstrate the effective capability of executing its mandate: guiding the orderly and progressive development of land in Trinidad and Tobago.

As way of driving this initiative, administrative reform has been allotted a considerable amount of the Town and Country Planning Division’s Development Planning resources and is inclusive of a review of customer service as it relates to the functions of TCPD. In this regard, the Division has taken advantage of an opportunity to be a source of research for a project conducted by the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business to create a co-production management framework to improve and make the customer service oriented aspect – as it pertains to the Development Control Unit – of the TCPD’s functions more effective. The findings of this study have been the foundation of this Public Sector Investment Programme Project. The objectives of this project is embedded in Goal II of the National Development Strategy 2016-2030 (Vision 2030): Promoting Good Governance and Service Excellence, focusing on improving policy making and resource allocation and fostering efficiencies in public institutions; the significance of this project therefore lying within the context of creating a more effective and sophisticated planning framework while of satisfying the agenda of several national and international goals.

What is Service Delivery?

Service Delivery is the supply of a range of services to meet the needs and wants of communities. Improvement of the Service Delivery Infrastructure therefore speaks to the enhancement of the various mediums and channels through which TCPD’s services can be accessed. In this regard, the four key components of a responsive service delivery are:

  1. Transparency
  2. Participation
  3. Satisfy user requirement
  4. Accessibility

Project Description

The Improvement of Service Delivery Infrastructure at the TCPD employs two approaches. The first approach sets and measures service standards while focusing on the operational aspects of service delivery as it relates to the functions of TCPD. This method utilizes the public‘s service expectations to both establish and meet performance targets (utilized during the project initiation phases and informed the objectives of the project). The second method to be employed measures client satisfaction to determine organizational success in meeting the needs of the clients and employs the following components:



This model, known as the Service Alberta model, sets service standards for each of the main drivers of service satisfaction. This project presents an opportunity through which TCPD can obtain the necessary infrastructure and competencies that sets, measures and enforces customer-centric service standards during the development application process through the evaluation of customer metrics which have been identified as part of the public sector’s key performance indicators (i.e. financial and non-financial metrics used to quantify objectives that reflect the strategic performance of the TCPD). To this end the, the Improvement of Service Delivery Infrastructure at the Town and Country Planning Division was initiated with the goal of efficiently responding to clients’ grievances and cultivating the customer-centric standards upheld by the TCPD.

Project Objectives


Project Details

Duration: 2 years (September 2017 – September 2019)

Budget: TT $2million

Project Output

An understanding of market capacity and appetite, plays a key part in Improving the Service Delivery Infrastructure at TCPD as the knowledge and correct application of these aspects creates a competitive environment in which new investments and business opportunities increase. Decisions on the implementation of this Project is grounded in the clear assessments of the overall aims and objectives to achieve the targeted outcome of an enhanced customer-centric service delivery system.

Specific Project Outputs includes and is not limited to:

  • Approved service charter that clearly establishes service delivery standards
  • Revised Standard Operating Procedure Manuals (SOP)
  • Established file tracking mechanism
  • Appointed Customer Service Representatives at Regional Offices
  • 800 hotline number
  • Improved customer feedback mechanisms
  • Enhanced, functional work environment
  • Public sensitization

The Improvement of the Service Delivery Infrastructure of the Town and Country Planning Division is deemed the transformation project that umbrellas the Automation of the Construction Permit Process and the Implementation of the Automated Workflow Process. The success of this project depends heavily on its utilization by the intended groups. Accessibility to the infrastructure that facilitates such utilization therefore, needs to be enhanced drastically through a contemporary framework suited for all Regional Offices of TCPD. The involvement of technologies and re-engineered strategies comparable to the Automation of the Construction Permit Process and the Implementation of the Automated Workflow Process, present unique opportunities for TCPD to become a more transparent, accountable, citizen-centric and performance driven institution that delivers effective, efficient and equitable service. It is envisioned that these reforms will undoubtedly improve the experience for both internal and external stakeholders.