When applying for Planning Permission at the Town and Country Planning Division (TCPD) of the Ministry of Planning and Development, applicants may well find themselves in varying scenarios.

The applicant may be a new homeowner who is interested in erecting a “Single Family” structure, or he/she may be in the position of a more large scale developer or contractor who is interested in a more business-oriented structure.

The following series of images, entitled “Know Your Planning Permission Scenario”, will take prospective applicants through the process observed for the different Planning Permission scenarios and also touch on the government agencies one would require approval from before that all important Completion Certificate is received from the relevant Municipal Corporation.




When your application is approved by the Town and Country Planning Division, it is then conditioned to the relevant advisory and/or regulatory agencies. 




*N.B. When an application reaches the relevant Municipal Corporation, applicants can expect the Corporation to condition other agencies in accordance with their guidelines before obtaining a Completion Certificate


Note, TCPD’s North Regional Office is now fully online! Please visit the DevelopTT portal at www.developtt.gov.tt for all registration info.

From Single-Family Residential to Commercial & Industrial Developments; Stay in the Know with the Breakdown of TCPD’s various Planning Permission Scenarios