The pilot of the DevelopTT system, Trinidad and Tobago’s online portal for development permitting, was officially launched in March 2020 and has welcomed the registration of over 450 persons thus far. At present, the system is receiving online applications for Planning Permission which fall within the boundaries of the T1 and T5 Planning Regions.

In order to register for the use of DevelopTT, users must have a ttconnect ID and also hold valid TTBizLink credentials. However, ttconnect has taken precautions as a result of the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Their verification process has been adjusted and prospective DevelopTT users will not be required to physically go to a ttconnect office to complete their verification.

DevelopTT, Trinidad and Tobago’s online portal for development permitting, is an initiative which was undertaken by the Ministry of Planning and Development, in conjunction with the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The DevelopTT system is currently in its pilot phase after being launched in March 2020.

Please see the full DevelopTT Registration Guidelines for Applicants below.



STEP 1 – If you already have a ttconnect ID, you can skip this step. To register for a ttconnect ID, visit the ttconnect website at and enter the required information. After creating an account at the above site, an e-mail will be sent to you to activate your ttconnect ID online.

STEP 2 – Download and complete the appropriate Registration Form. These forms are accessible via this link

  • Form A – For Individual Registrants
  • Form B – For Company/Business Registrants

Before completing the Registration Form, please carefully read its Explanatory Notes.

STEP 3 – After you have completed the first (2) two steps:

a. Print and sign the last page of the ttconnect disclaimer form, click the link to access the document.

b. Copy, sign and scan at least two (2) valid forms of the following identification documents:

Driver’s Permit                    National Identification Card

Electronic Birth                   Certificate Passport


c. Take a photo of your face (as in a selfie) with one of the National identification documents which carries a photograph of your face (a photo of your face with your birth certificate would not be accepted).


d. Email the completed TTBizLink Form, signed last page of the disclaimer, signed copies of two forms of national ID and the photo of your face with a national picture ID to


If you already have an active TTBizLink account, simply email a copy of two forms of valid identification and your completed TTBizLink Form to


STEP 4 – Your documents will be processed and you will be registered or your account updated for the TTBizLink e-service within 48 hours.


DevelopTT Registration Guidelines for Applicants (Covid-revised)