DevelopTT: ‘Transforming the Construction Permitting Process’


What is DevelopTT? ——————————————————————————————————

The Ministry of Planning and Development, in collaboration with Ministry of Trade and Industry, is pleased to introduce the DevelopTT platform, an Automated Construction Permitting System. We invite members of the public to register for the new e-service at any ttconnect service centre. This system is a product of TTBizLink.

Town and Country Planning Division’s Frequent Applicants stakeholder group engage in a DevelopTT “Train the Trainer” workshop in December 2019.

Through DevelopTT, the development application and approval processes are transformed from paper-based to an online system. Applications for planning permission, building permits, completion certificates and other property development approvals can be assessed via this e-service. Applicants are guided through the process of obtaining permissions across multiple agencies in a seamless approach, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the process.  

How does DevelopTT work for you? ——————————————————————————

  • Users must be Registered with ttconnect and hold valid TTBizLink credentials in order to access the portal
  • Planning permission applications are now Paperless
  • DevelopTT Takes a step-by-step approach to obtaining permissions across 24 government agencies
  • Gives Access to Online Maps for the identification of land parcels
  • Each user has a Unique ID and Password that is used to access the system anywhere and at any time
  • Applications can be Tracked from the comfort of your home
  • Multiple application statuses can be tracked through a Personalised Dashboard
  • Provides capabilities for online Viewing and Printing of decision letters
  • Users are notified of key status Updates by Text/SMS and email

Where can you register? ————————————————————————————————

Registration can be done via the website or any of the ttconnect service centres nationwide. Please see the table below for details on ttconnect’s registration locations. 


Location Address Contact Information
Port of Spain

ttconnect Satellite Office – Ministry of Trade and Industry

Level 9 Nicholas Tower, 63-65 Independence Square, Port of Spain Email:

Tel: 800-4SEW (4739)

Fax: 623-5156

Arima – ttconnect Office 1st Floor Pennywise Building, 10 -10A Devenish Street, Arima Tel: 800-TTCN (8826)


Bon Accord – ttconnect Office Milford Court Complex, Milford Road, Bon Accord Tel: 800-TTCN (8826)
Chaguanas – ttconnect Office 9 Southern Main Road, Chaguanas Tel: 800-TTCN (8826)
Curepe – ttconnect Office 8 Eastern Main Road, Curepe Tel: 800-TTCN (8826)
Princes Town – ttconnect Office 4 Charlotte Street, Princes Town Tel: 800-TTCN (8826)
St James – ttconnect Office 121 Western Main Road, St. James Tel: 800-TTCN (8826)
Sangre Grande – ttconnect Office 232 Brierley Street, Sangre Grande Tel: 800-TTCN (8826)

ttconnect service centres are open Monday through Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 noon, except on public holidays. N.B. The opening hours of the satellite office are Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. with the exception of public holidays.

During the piloting of the system, DevelopTT will welcome the submission of digital Planning Permission applications within the boundaries of:

Port of Spain City Corporation.

Diego Martin and San Jaun/Laventille Regional Corporations.

For more information: Contact 612-3000. Ext 2182/2768/2093/2757 or e-mail



What is DevelopTT? Here is what you need to know!