From July to September 2019, the Ministry of Planning and Development (MPD) hosted the second phase of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for the Automated System for Construction Permitting (ACPS) in Trinidad and Tobago. The Ministry continues to move toward the implementation of the ACPS and its subsequent nationwide launch.

Locked In: A CrimsonLogic representative keeps a close eye on participants at a UAT session in September 2019.

As such, the second phase of UAT was conducted to test and verify the functions and workflows to be carried out by the Town and Country Planning Division (TCPD) and other key stakeholders within the ACPS. Following the initial phase of UAT in March and April, website consultants, CrimsonLogic, made the necessary changes to the system design and functionalities that were further verified by its stakeholders.

The construction permitting process in Trinidad and Tobago incorporates the TCPD, 20-plus government agencies, the 14 Municipal Corporations, Professional Societies and scores of applicants. The second phase of UAT was designed to mirror the process flow an application currently undergoes in the construction permitting process. This simulation allowed participants to gauge how an application would be processed in real time. After administrative functions were tested by TCPD Staff and MPD’s IT Unit in July, the various stakeholders in the process observed the step-by-step flow in the application process as they replicated the Planning Permission, Post-planning Permission, Building Certificate and Completion Certificate Stages.

TCPD staff members get up close and personal with the ACPS on the first day of UAT Phase 2 in July

The importance of UAT cannot be understated, as the insight gained by the attendees will help to ensure a more efficient flow in the ACPS for all concerned. UAT aside, the Ministry has been involved in a number of sensitization activities which will lend to a smooth transition to the ACPS. The Ministry’s next key sensitization activity would be the hosting of “Train the Trainer” training sessions. These training sessions will cater to potential change agents across the varying agencies in the construction permitting process. It is hoped that these agents would be able to replicate the knowledge from the ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions to their colleagues on the functionalities and procedures to be designed in the ACPS.

MPD Completes The Second Phase Of User Acceptance Testing